Saturday, March 10, 2012

Emma's Picture Frame Part III

Finished all hung at Emm's

I continued with spraying polyurethane coat after coat, five in all.  Each time I would hit with 220 grit sandpaper or 0000 steel wool.  I cleaned up the glass put the print in and then backed it up with a piece of hardboard.  I had seen a brass tab that could be used to hold it all together but couldn't find them.  So I use a washer and small screw.  The hooks are kinda neat.  They are like opposing fingers that interlock.  I secure one on the frame then one on the wall.  As this a bit heavy I thought two would be better than one.

Hanger and Washers
Well thats about it.  Now I just have to get it down to Emma and hope she likes it.  I love the watercolors she brought back and think this frame does it justice.  Oh and my favorite feature, its the contrasting black walnut plugs that tie in the tenions.

I'm sure I could write another post about all the mistakes and flaws, but you know there is a time when you ask is it done?  And you stand there and say it's strong, it's smooth, it's what I envisioned.  You say to yourself yeah it's done.  And so it is.  Thanks Dad!

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